Shooting & Dribbling

Game Time Confidence


Guarantee3 shooting drills should be practiced with your feet, knees, hips and shoulders being square to the basket at all times. Release and follow through with every shot keeping your eyes focused on your target. You should have full body control and balance for a smooth delivery. Guarantee3 will strengthen your shooting arm and perfect your game to make you a better basketball player.


Guarantee3 dribbling drills should be practiced using the left and right hands equally.

Try to perform these drills without looking at the ball, keeping your eyes in front of you, as they would be during a game. Focus on your hand speed and flexibility while keeping low and dribbling below the knees. Use your fingertips to guide the ball and focus on dribbling at your side from waist to knee level. Dribbling everyday with Guarantee3 you will rapidly improve your dribbling skills, build practice and game time confidence, and develop muscle memory.